Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blessing or Burden?

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See the blessing in the burden.

It was only recently when my family has been caught in the middle of a not-so-good situation. I have lost buckets of tears contemplating on what is currently going on and asking God for protection and assistance. Human as I am, I have, at times, wondered how all these can be happening to our family. I have asked God what could be the reason for all these, but I have yet to understand... until late this afternoon.

I sent my dad a text message telling him to take care as he goes home. I'd be coming home at a later time, so we won't be traveling together. My SMS was simple: "Pauwi ka na ba? Ok. Ingat. Godbles" But it was way different from the usual SMS I'd send had not for the current situation, which would be more like "Pauwi ka na? Ok." Yeah, that's it. Just two sentences and a period.

It was then that I realized what a blessing this burden of a situation has brought us. It has made the two of us more expressive of our concern for each other. It has brought us closer to each other faster than we had tried in 27 years. This is the blessing: my dad and I having a better relationship because of this burden.

Yes, I still do not like everything that has been going on. I still am not sure why all these are happening. But I am secure that God has a reason for all these and that He will never let go of us. I can choose to focus on the burden, or I can choose to look beyond it and see the greater blessing. I choose the latter.

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mazel said...

it's nice to know that despite the "chaos" that you're experiencing right now, you still chose to see how God's hands are working in your life. continue seeking God's will Osy, and may God protect you and your family. God bless always! i'm just here. :)

summer^^ said...

Like the song goes - Someday it's gonna make sense! I know everything will make sense, in God's time. Just hold on tight coz life's one helluva ride! Yezzz!

JAE said...

@mazel: Thanks pare for always being ready to listen.. I appreciate your friendship sobra.
@summer: Yep. In God's time..

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