About Osy

Frustrated writer. Shutterbug. A ball of fun.
As a kid, she wove words into poems as a pastime. In high school, she was managing editor of the school paper and had her first exposure to writing for an audience. While working on a degree in computer engineering, she focused on technical writing; resistors, capacitors, and circuit boards became her main characters. 

After graduation, despite the "greener pastures" that the IT industry offered, she held her breath and took the plunge: She chose to be a copyeditor. 

As service to the Greatest Writer in the Universe, she uses her writing and editing skills through the Feast Alabang Media Ministry and contributes to the FeastAlabang.com, Kerygma Magazine, Didache, and Gabay. She dreams of becoming Kerygma Magazine Editor-in-Chief and a best-selling inspirational author.

Aside from writing, she loves photography, makeup, music, travel, and movies. She also enjoys building new friendships, daydreaming about her future OTL (One True Love!), and exchanging anything-under-the-sun conversations over a cup of frozen yogurt and some Krispy Kreme's.