Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Current Wish List

It's not yet Christmas. My birthday isn't coming around until next year. So I can't think of anything to call my wish list than just that: My Current Wish List.

Lord, please provide a way for me to purchase these... 

Vanguard Biin 50. The cheapest DSLR backpack I know.
Cute but sturdy and well-padded. Just like me (well-padded by fats, that is! haha).
Dent on the pocket would be PHP1950.00.

Nikkor AF-S VR 70-300mm. Found great reviews on this.
Damage if ever: PHP26,000.

More stuff will surely be added to this list unless I stop checking out the Henry's Camera website. Internet, this is your fault. haha! :)

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Yohvshva bar Yosuf said...
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Yohvshva1 said...

Just open your eyes and the way is just right in front of you. Consider these things yours.

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