Monday, December 19, 2011

My Christmas Wish List: Updated!

01.11.12: Updating this! I received as gifts a few of those listed here. Thanks to friends and family who love me so dearly [and whose arms are so easy to twist!haha!]. As said, "Ask, and you shall receive!" :)

To friends and family who gave me Christmas gifts, THANK YOU. By gifts, I mean both the tangible and the intangible kind. For every gift I opened, for every time you spent with me, and for every Christmas memory we shared, thank you!

Christmas REALLY is just around the corner. For the past few days, I've been victim to horrible traffic, specifically in areas near shopping malls. People seem to be in the rush to buy gifts and run errands for Christmas. You'll never guess the economy is that bad.

Every Christmas, most of us, albeit the meager salary, humongous tax, and invisible bonuses, still find a way to give. May the gift be worth 10 pesos or a thousand bucks, we never fail to remember the goodness of family, friends, and godchildren, and try to reciprocate that by the simple act of giving.

So, for people who plan to give, give me a gift, that is, here is my Twelve Days of Christmas Wish List. I want to spare you from having to think of what to buy for me. haha!

To friends, this is one GIANT PARINIG. :)

1. Starbucks Ceramic Coffee-To-Go Cup. Fits perfectly in my car cup holder.

2. Digital alarm clock. I'm always late!

3. Samsung Galaxy S II. Cheap version of the iPhone.

4. Converse Low-Cut Originals in Black. My blue one is begging to be replaced.

5. Twinings Herbal Infusion Peppermint 25-pc pack. Helps in digestion (no further explanation needed).

6. Plastic floor mat for Vios. Makes cleaning the car (not that I do the cleaning. haha!) easier. This one will make my Tatay happy. :) Thanks to Nanay and Tatay for giving me this! I got the gray kind. Haven't taken a picture though..

7. Universal car charger. Lagi ako nalolowbat! Asked for this in our BG Christmas/Year-end Get-Together. Thanks Veena! Wow, only now did I realize super sakto pala sa picture what you got for me. haha!

8. Nikkor AF-S 50mm 1.8G. Low-light shots wanted!

9. Webhosting + domain. Wanting to have my place in the Internet.

10. Paddle brush. Makes long hair shine more (daw!). This one, I didn't expect to get. I was pleasantly surprised to be gifted by my old friend Je (whom I haven't seen for a while). Failed to see her personally though. Sorry, Je. Let's resked! :)

11. 16GB SDHC memory card. To store more pics!

12. Lastly, (sige na nga..) PEACE ON EARTH!

There goes everything I want to get this Christmas. Of course, I doubt anyone will even seriously consider giving me any of those mentioned. haha!

So, what is the point of listing them down? Well, nothing really. I just realized that most of the time, we do not know what we want in life, where we want to go, what we wish to achieve. We wander through life aimlessly: no direction, no goal. Lacking the knowledge of what will make us happy accounts for lack of passion and drive to go on.

When you aspire something, when you have a dream, you make it easier for God to bless you. He doesn't have to guess which blessings to shower on you when you already know what to ask for. Not that God is ever dumbfounded by anything, but if we know our heart's desires, we actually glorify Him who created us. Because, in knowing, we aspire. In aspiring, we strive. In striving, we reach our maximum potential; we live a full life. As St. Irenaeus said, "The Glory of God is a man fully alive."

So, strive to know your heart's desire, aspire to achieve your biggest dreams, and don't hesitate to ask from God. He will never deny His child.

By the way, my shoe size is 8. (Kung makakalusot lang naman!)

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jhace said...

wow, parang beauty pageant talaga! ^_^

Osy Balasi said...

hahaha! wow, blogging ka na rin? great! x-links tayo! (wow, blogging lingo circa 2003. haha!)

Rico said...

Nice blog, Osy!

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