Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blue Door, White Linen, Big Dream

I opened the blue door, taking my steps in careful fashion. I feared the mocha-colored wooden panels that shrieked at my every step would eventually give in.

A huge rectangular table clothed in white was in the middle of the small room. On it were plates of morning goodies that sure made my eyes sparkle. I had not eaten anything on the way, so the stomach immediately rang an alarm at the sight of food.

I hesitated a bit, as I wouldn't want the others (Oh, so there were other people!) to notice how starved I was, wouldn't want to be labeled "The Lady Who Gorged on the Blueberry Muffin."

The battle between (saving) face and (growling) stomach was intense. One had to win. And it was the stomach.

As I munch on every bit of muffin heaven, I looked around at some new and some familiar faces surrounding the same white-linen-ed table.

How did I get here?

"Umm.. by car?," the little voice inside my head told me.

"Duh," I answered back. "I mean, how really did I get here? To this room? To this situation? To this dream? How did I get to be with these people?"

I was in the same room, sharing the same Pasig air and the same blueberry muffin, as Rissa Singson-Kawpeng, Tess Atienza, and all the Kerygma writers. Could this be just a dream? Then, don't wake me up. Please.

I remember writing this dream on my journal some time in January. And could it really be that, just a few months after, the dream would come true?

But it just did. And only because of one reason: God loves me.

There is no other way to explain it. God loves me so much to provide my heart's desire. God loves me so much to fulfill one of my many dreams. God loves me so much.

And so does He love you. There is no boundary to God's immense love for you and everything He can give you.

Dreaming of being onstage, preaching the Good News to people? Dreaming of huge success in your business, so you can provide more employment opportunities? Or simply dreaming of having a happy family life in the future, complete with visions of your would-be children and grandchildren?

Go ahead, dream! Allow God to make you the happiest kid on Earth. Your joy is His joy. Your dreams are His dreams for you. If He did fulfill my dream, how can He not fulfill yours? So, dream. And dream BIG!

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