Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Knight in Shining Armor

"I don't want you to get hurt again."

I clicked on the red X on the top-right corner of my computer screen and closed the email he had sent. With tears flowing on my cheeks, I thanked God for him. I had just gone through a devastating experience and needed every amount of support I can get. Along with family and friends, he provided that support.
At times, when he drives me to work, he'd suddenly hear me opening up a problem or a burden I am keeping. In an instant, he'd see my eyes well up. I know it pains him seeing me like that, but he remains composed. He then shares his thoughts and advises me what to do. He isn't really the touchy-feely guy, but his words always give me comfort and assurance that he will always be there for me.
I remember a time when I was on the brink of insanity over an opportunity I passed up for personal reasons. I cried myself to sleep over the lost chance. The morning after, I found a letter on my bedside table. It was from him. The words seemed to have been written in a hurry, but they served their purpose nonetheless: They were—as can be expected of him—words of comfort, words that assured me that I need not worry. He told me that more and even greater opportunities will come.
Upon reading the last of his letter, I said a prayer of gratitude for his presence in my life.

Yesterday, he celebrated his birthday, and I thanked God once again for him, for my knight in shining armor. He hides beneath his shield but never fails to come to my rescue. I know that I will forever be his princess. And for this, I am thankful.

Thank You, Lord, for the 53 years that you have blessed me with a Tatay who never stopped to provide and protect. Thank you for my knight in shining armor. Thank You, Lord, for my Tatay.

Tatay and me Smile

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mazel said...

very nice piece :) i just read it now while in the office, muntik na akong mapaiyak! hehehe made me remember my Dad. Though he's been gone for 6 years, I know that he's looking our for us.

May God bless Tatay a longer and healthy life :)

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