Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chiz: I'm not running

(Photo courtesy of ChizEscudero.com)

It is final. Chiz Escudero is not running for the presidency in 2010.

In a press conference early morning today, Chiz finally revealed his decision regarding his presidential bid come May of next year. For the past few weeks, he has been delaying his announcement of his plans as he "needed time to weigh his options."

It can be remembered that he was initially with NPC and was the other half of the Chiz-Loren tandem. He then decided to leave the party and run for president as an independent candidate. But, with this decision, many feared that, although he is qualified to run, he may not have a fighting chance, because-let's face it-money is a big factor in Philippine politics. Without a party to support his bid, rally up sponsors and supporters, and gather funds for his campaign, he will surely be left in the dust by his opponents.

That reality must have settled in as he announced this morning that he will not run for any position at all. He further said that he has yet to decide whom to support. Asked if his decision was affected by Sen. Noynoy's decision to run for the same position, he noted that it was a factor, among everything else, as the latter is a dear friend. Chiz said that, in a time that seems to be intended for Sen. Noynoy, he would not want to stand in the way of his friend. However, he reiterated that he has not chosen a presidential candidate to support and instead encouraged everyone to be aggressive in making this coming elections clean and peaceful and in making the right choices.

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