Friday, November 27, 2009

Irresponsible. Argh.

(Photo courtesy of medic999)

Why are some people so irresponsible? They always ask you for help but they never first help themselves. They slack off, not exerting any effort in resolving their concerns, and then when they're already drowning in a bad situation, they suddenly appear before you and ask you to save them. You'd wonder why they even let themselves be in that situation in the first place. You'd think they should have thought of the consequences of their slacking off and prevent any more damage from happening. But heck no! They choose to just lead a very easy life, just relying on everyone else to provide for them and help them every single time they need it. Would you be happy helping someone who doesn't even try to lift a finger? Frustrating.

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Anonymous said...

i so can relate! at first, it's okay to help them, but after a while, it's getting annoying already. as my sister said, it's not a sin to NOT help them. if helping them would lead them into more slacking off, then it's better if you'd let them handle those themselves. hopefully they'd realize that it's not your responsibility to help them.

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