Thursday, November 26, 2009

Maguindanao massacre

It is amazing how little power can do so much to corrupt people.

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As of last night, it has gone up to 57, i.e., the number of recovered bodies of victims of the recent gruesome murder in Maguindanao. The well-planned mass killing that happened last Monday has been all over the news. And why not? Women, lawyers, media men-all innocent civilians-have been abducted by some 100 armed men, killed in various horrific ways that no one can possibly imagine, and buried in a massive grave. As if initial reports of the victims only going to file COCs in the local comelec being abducted and killed were not horrendous enough, the latest news about the terrible incident of the women being raped first before being killed, of some being shot not only in the head but in their private parts, of the slain being buried alive inside their vehicles in a massive grave, and of some body parts found that had been teared up with chainsaws makes one think, "Is this for real?" Is is really possible for people to do this kind of atrocity toward others? How can the perpetrators stand doing this? Don't they have hearts? Don't they believe in a God that sees all things and all their doings? How can they sleep at night, knowing that they killed 57 people, ended 57 dreams, and destroyed 57 futures?

The answers to such questions will not be known as long as the people behind this act of cruelty are freely roaming around, attending to their day-to-day activities like nothing ever happened and unmindful of the extensive call for justice from different sectors of the society.

And while investigations are still currently underway and as the authorities are "trying their best" to go after the perpetrators, for people like us who cannot march the streets and cry for justice, who cannot go to Maguindanao to directly voice out how unhuman this murder is, and who cannot contribute much in the ongoing investigations, the only thing that we can do to help is to offer a prayer. Let us pray:

- for the repose of the souls of those brutally murdered
- for comfort for their families and loved ones during this time of mourning
- for justice for the lives lost in a trivial quest for power
- for strength of character for people in the government for them to do what needs to be done despite affiliations and debts
- for safety for the people who are currently in Maguindanao helping in finding justice for those slained (the media men who are covering the news, the people from Commission on Human Rights, etc.)
- for peace in Maguindanao and in areas that have a similar situation with regard to political clans and violence
- for change in the hearts of not only those behind this massacre but also-and more importantly-people who have been too enamored by power and have been corrupted by it.

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