Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My "Thank You" Cookies

I was scanning through my camera this morning, looking at the tons of pictures that I have yet to upload to my FB account. A few people have been asking me why I haven't uploaded our pictures of this party, that event, this reunion, etc. And I keep on telling the same reason: I just hadn't found the time (this is after I say "sorry naman" gazillion times hehe). Yeah, it's weird. I've got 24 hours in a day, but it seems that it's just not enough.

Anyway, going back, I was rummaging through the pics and found these:

I worked on about 54 (I think!) of these: choco-chip cookies inside transparent containers adorned with red satin ribbon and gold ornament. Okay, I did not bake them (there goes the applause haha). I bought them from a cookies supplier I know and just worked on packaging them nicely.

Of the 54, 35 pieces were my dad's and uncle's giveaways in their offices. The remaining ones, I gave to some friends and to the guards in the office (there's 17 of them). The guards in the office have been nice to me the past year (and extra nice come December haha). They've been greeting me and saying hi, giving me easy-to-get-into parking spaces, and helping me when I have car trouble. The cookies were just a token of appreciation. They're not much, but I know they were well accepted. Evidence is the guards' still being extra nice to me even after I gave them the cookies hehe.

We seldom remember the small kindness done to us. We are only reminded of the great big favors given to us. As the year ends, let us not forget to thank everyone who had been a help to us, whether in big or small ways. We do not have to give them something to repay them. A simple thank you will do. Before 2009 bids goodbye, say thank you to the people who have been nice to you. They will surely appreciate the gesture.

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Morgan said...

Ka-iyak! I hope Sam will appreciate the cookies I personally (mantakin mo un!) gave him. At sana gumana ung gayuma. Bwahaha!

JAE said...

malamang.... HINDI! hahaha joke. sana nga'y gumana na ang gayuma para maging kayo na sa 2010. naks, may lovelife! haha hindi maaari!!

LiUniZe said...

where's mine? hehehe

JAE said...

only when I receive your gift! hehehe happy new year!

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