Friday, December 11, 2009

Remembering and Forgetting

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Yesterday was the second death anniversary of my aunt. Time really flies fast. Has it really been two years?

Right after she died and even a year after, I was extremely depressed. Yes, I would go out with friends. I would laugh, crack jokes, go to the mall, and do all the usual things. But when alone, I was in deep sorrow. I didn't know how to pick myself up. I was just lost. Before she died, I had spent 13 years sharing a room with her, going window-shopping with her, watching movies with her, and doing many other things. She was the sibling I never had. We even had a sorta vow that, if ever I don't get married, we'd be together as we age (she never married). So, her death really was a hard blow on me. I wasn't used to her absence.

Fast forward to now, I am better than when I was in depression mode. I have began widening my network of friends and meeting new people. When she died, I prayed that God would give me new friends that will take her place. God did give me some. Also, I prayed that I may not forget her. I was afraid that, when I turn 30 or 40 or 50, I will forget that I had a Tita once whom I loved dearly. I'm scared that there will come a time when I'd forget the details of my life with her, of our moments together, and of the time that she was a huge part of my life.

Sometimes, I feel guilty when I don't remember her: When she died, all I thought of was her. Now, swamped with work and other activities, I sometimes "forget" her. And then I feel guilty. Though this happens once in a while, I know that she will forever be the closest Tita to me. It's just unfortunate my future kids won't get to know her in person.. =(

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