Friday, December 18, 2009

The Parol and The Prize

We did not win. Our parol (Christmas lantern) was bested by a parol made of mussel shells, which was on third place; a parol made of banana blossom, which went second; and a parol made of rice and hay, which bagged first prize. I must admit; those parols were beautifully made. And I must also admit; I was sad that we lost.

Not being too competitive or anything but I guess that's what it feels when you've given something your all, your best effort, your 100%, and you don't get recognition for it. I've joined contests before and have been completely ok with losing, but I think that was because, during those times, I never really exerted that much effort, so it was ok to lose.

Now, my partner R and I spent three nights laboring on our parol. We were confident at one point that we had a fighting chance, but after seeing the competition, we saw that chance slim down to near zero. Still, we did not completely lose hope. And though we did not win, and I am sad about it, I am still thankful. I was thinking that may be God's prize for me was the times spent with R talking about practically anything as we mercifully labored on our parol during the wee hours of the morning. Maybe the prize was the excitement that built up on not only me and R but also my parents (who saw us work) as we see the parol taking form. Maybe the prize was the bonding moment that is called parol-making.

Afterall, the definition of PRIZE in the dictionary is not only award; it also means something valuable. Thank you God for letting me win.

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