Sunday, January 10, 2010

The begging has just begun.

I was already losing hope last Friday night. Ask Mazel at how weird I was, crying at my workstation because I was so afraid I may not be able to pull this off.

Yes. It's official. I am WEIRD. I was crying over the fact that my initial budget would not suffice. I was worrying that I may not get support from friends, even before I had asked them for it. I was doubting that I will be blessed until...

- Leda promised to take care of the name tags and other printables, and to donate pencils for the loot bags;
- Mazel started the begging campaign for me, asking some of our bros and sis from SOLV to donate;
- Ate Lyn emailed me, saying that she will send money to help me;
- Charles, a SOLV bro, pledged help, asking me (through Mazel) my account number;
- Jennina informed me (again, through Mazel) that she may be able to get a couple of medicines for the kids at a discounted price.

And just this afternoon, Ate Ross and Ate Jeng pledged help and showed great support to this cause. Thanks to all of you! As promised, I will pray for each one of you the Divine Mercy chaplet for one whole month. Pramis yan!

To my other friends, wait til I begin begging from you too.hehe

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Leda said...

...and more to come sa mga susunod na mga araw, for sure! see nasa pang ilang araw ka palang ng planning pero dagsa na ang pledges. told u, just keep on blogging and posting wishitems! hehehe. di ka papabayaan ni Lord! you can do it!!! :)

JAE said...

salamat leda! kailangan lang mafinalize ung plan ng youth ministry ng Baclaran para malaman ko pa kung ano mga kailangan. grabe, ang super kapal na ng mukha ko sa panghihingi! hehehe

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