Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's all Cotton Candy

January 1st. I was disposing ten year's worth of Candy and Seventeen Philippines magazines. (I started collecting them in March 1999!) I was scanning through some of them in the process and then found this:

Some crushes are like cotton candy--they look yummy and totally tempting. But when you actually get a taste, there's not much there. Suddenly, you're left with disappointment and no crush. Sometimes a crush should stay a crush and live as a delicious daydream. That way, you'll always have someone sweet to think about as you drift off to sleep.

I can't remember for which month, but this is from an issue of Seventeen Philippines. So what do you think? So true?

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Leda said...

haha cute analogy! :D

JAE said...

when you see cotton candy, think crush! hehe

LiUniZe said...

So true (based from my past experiences, hahaha).

JAE said...

hi luz!

Do I know this "past experience" you're talking about? hehehe

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