Friday, January 15, 2010

Dream Big!

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Last Tuesday, over lunch, one of my friends in the office expressed his desire of joining the academe. It has been a few years since he graduated from UP, and he has realized that he would like to teach History. He said that it was that one thing that he would like to do in life.

Throughout this revelation, we were just encouraging him to go and give it a shot. We told him to look up on how to gain education units, how long it would take, and possible schools or institutions where he can choose to study and to teach. I was telling him to go ahead and realize that dream.

That normal lunch discussion actually reminded me of what the Kerygma Conference (KCon) last November taught me: Dream BIG and realize that dream!

To most of us, we'd ask, "And just how do I do that?" or we'd say, "I don't have dreams. Dreams are for five-year-old Little Miss Philippines candidates answering the pang-pageant question 'What do you want to be when you grow up?'"

I asked and thought the same things, until KCon changed all of that. With this, I want to share my learnings from that relevant event. I will begin my KCon Dream Big series notes here really soon (as soon as I find those notes! haha).

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LiUniZe said...

Go! go! go! Parang kilala ko kung sino ito. hehehe.

JAE said...

hmmmm sino nga kaya? hehehe may pangalan yan kanina, eh pinatanggal. hehehe pa-misteryoso epek! hehe

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