Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Of Death

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Press Secretary Cerge Remonde's untimely death came as a total surprise, as Jen was telling me about it on the way to ATC yesterday. I don't know the man personally. Heck, I don't even remember his face! Lol. I haven't read any of this articles nor watched him intently in the news.

OK, what actually caught me by surprise was the fact that he died alone in his bathroom at a very young age of 51. I haven't read or seen much news about his death (because I haven't been watching TV recently), but Jen was telling me that the Press Secretary lived alone here in Manila and that his family was based in Cebu. Upon hearing that, I thought that his passing was such a sad way to go; he died without his family by his side. And he lived his recent years just working and working away from his family.

Some of us, we work hard in building our careers or in engaging in our businesses. We sometimes fail to spend time with family and friends. We fail to create time for recreation. We think, "I'll just relax and spend time with friends and family when I retire from work. I'll have the time then." But this sudden passing of Remonde should remind us that time is of the essence and that life is truly short. We do not know when we'll go and how sudden or how prolonged death will come to us. The retirement age that we envision may not even come upon us. Our time may be up before we know it.

So live life NOW. Spend time with people who are important to you NOW. Yes, do not forget responsibilities, but do not also forget your loved ones. Try to always be happy and to feel blessed and grateful (I'm also saying this to myself! hehe).

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Anonymous said...

I am agree with you JAE. We should enjoy every minute, every hour of our lives because life is too short. And we should spend more of it in our loved ones... So saan tayo later? Survey lang! :D

JAE said...

Anonymous ka pa jan. Survey ba kamo? hmm.. parang nakikilala kita. hehe saan mo ko lilibre? haha

Anonymous said...

Maligayang kaarawan binibining JAE. Wala akong pera mahirap lang po ako ilibre kita sa 7-11 ng Icecream :)... Happy Birthday to you. God Bless.

LiUniZe said...

We can never predict death! But what can we predict is the present. We have the same situation (Sigh...) I'm maybe away from my family esp. my son, but i always keep in touch with him. I call him often just to say "how are you" and "i love you". Thinking in my own little way, he'll remember those times when i'm not with him physically.

It's a good thing, really that keeping in touch with our family is very much affordable, so let's keep texting and calling them. (Go Smart Unlitxt 20! hahaha)

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