Monday, January 4, 2010


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I was reading yesterday's reflection in Didache. The prayer went

Lord, may I be a mirror that reflects Your glory. May others feel Your love through the acts of love I share with them. Amen.

Then I remembered receiving a text from our church group leader, asking us to respond to this question: How can you reflect God's glory this 2010?

This was my answer:
I'd like to think that God's glory is shown by His Great Love. By doing everything in life because we want to somehow reciprocate that Great Love, we become reflections of His Love and, thus, of His Glory. This year, as my way of doing that, I pray to be more generous with my time and talents for His service, more patient to those whom I don't always see eye to eye, and more understanding of difficult people. I know that this should be a daily commitment, but with prayer, this can be done.

I do not know if my answer is "correct." What I know is, when you do things to please the God who loves you so much, you already glorify Him. Your acts do not have to grand; you are not out to glorify yourself but to glorify Him. They just have to be meaningful and of pure intention. When you decide to be and work on being an obedient son/daughter, a trustworthy friend, a supportive parent, a helpful brother/sister, or an honest employee, you already glorify the God who made you. When the people around you say that you have been a blessing to them, you already make them see the God who provides abundance and creates wonders.

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Leda said...

ei osy, is this u? why JAE? *confused* hehe. link kita ha.

JAE said...

hi leda!

yep. Initials ko.hehe (may pa-misterious effect?? hehehe)thanks, link din kita. hehe

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