Monday, January 11, 2010

Birthday Katripan Update 01

I spent Sunday afternoon scouring the racks of Shopwise and SM Hypermarket, canvassing stuff to use for my birthday party. I had a list of things whose prices I need to check, among which are loaf bread; ice cream in tubs and in cups (of which I found none!); sandwich spread; and party cups, plates, and utensils. By the way, I checked all imaginable brands and flavors of juice drink in tetra packs. I definitely forgot that there are brands other than Zesto and flavors other than orange, mango, and grape! Lol.

After the edibles, I went checking different soap and toothpaste brands, and different kinds of rice (I didn't know there was sinandomeng, dinorado, long-grain, etc. whew!). After the party, I plan to donate toiletries and a sack of rice. I figured that they would need these as the Center accepts drop-in street children, who go there just to be fed and washed and after which go back to the streets. I found that to be a little sad, i.e., them going back, but I learned that it is always the child's choice if he/she wants to stay at the Center for good or not. Anyway, I thought the would-be donations would be good.

While listing and listing and listing each and every price, I was asking God to provide me the resources to buy those stuff. I will soon start a begging campaign. Lol. I just have to finalize the list of stuff that I would need.

Many thanks to Ate Karen, who replied immediately to my text last night, when I was asking her for help. She pledged money from her first paycheck this coming 15th. Thanks thanks!

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