Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Google Results

I suddenly had the urge to google my name this morning, and, along with my thesis paper, this was what I found. Read on.

Part 1

Part 2

I suddenly remembered sharing this in SOLV way back in March 2009, after the Crossroads Retreat that they facilitated in Tagaytay. I was so struck by the homily and the sharings of the other retreat participants that I had to share myself. I was contacted by Sis Aby, who was the Editor of The Vineyard, and asked me if it's ok if they print it. I hesistated a bit but then said yes. I never got a copy of the newsletter, so I thought they must have changed their minds, until Bro Dale ym-ed me and said that he read my testimonial. It was only now that I finally saw the copy of the newsletter.

They say that "In time, all wounds are healed." I say, it's just not just time, it's God time. In God's time, you will be healed of whatever hurts you. You just have to be open to His healing. That is the first step, but isn't the first step always the most difficult? But if you overcome that difficulty and open yourself to God's healing, expect that you will fully recover. Remember Romans 11:11:

Did God's people stumble and fall beyond recovery? Of course not!

So you ask, "Will I be healed of this hurt/misery/failure?" There is your answer. wink

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LiUniZe said...
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LiUniZe said...


Kaya lang, so sad ng ngyari sa tita mo. Ang hirap talagang mag move on pag naging close ka sa isang tao at biglang nawala. This is the time na kailangan mo ng mga kaibigang maiiyakan, family na susuporta at siyempre si Lord.

JAE said...

hi luz!

Her sudden death was a tragic suprise. I had a hard time accepting it. I blamed God for what happened and went downhill from there.

True. Family, friends, and God saved me from insanity. I am blessed.

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